School of Witchcraft & Potions is an immersive magical experience in the heart of Scotland (Where it all began!). Enter into a world like you've never seen before. Meet our Potion Master and be immersed into the creation of potions, wand movements, spells & so much more!

Being the first of its kind in the UK, and possibly the world, School of Witchcraft & Potions is designed for even the biggest fans of the magical world. Realistic and antique props, moving pictures, magical sounds & cauldrons. THIS is as good as it gets.



School of Witchcraft & Potions is designed to immerse you into a whole new world. You'll be creating your very own potions from a choice of over 200+ ingredients! Our Potion Master will help you along the way, teach you useful spells, wand movements & help you to understand the magical world from a different perspective!

You'll need to bottle up your potion, cork it, design a label & at the end of the 1 hour class, you'll receive a Potion Master certificate! 

This is a unique, once in a lifetime experience!



School of Witchcraft & Potions is within our retail store "Geeks & Gamers" on the Falkirk High Street within the heart of Scotland!

Geeks & Gamers, 47 High Street, Falkirk, FK1 1ES, Scotland

01324 639676 / Shop@Geeksandgamers.co.uk